The Dawn of a New Age

MorningDewOne could argue we have entered a ‘knowledge age’, where knowledge is more freely and abundantly available than ever before.

With this dawn of a new age in marketing, managing your company’s knowledge reserves has become more important than ever before.

In the past, the function of overseeing knowledge reserves was relatively side-lined, resting in the hands of IT (due to the backbone required) and HR (with its links to people, learning and development).

However, because of changes in the market and society, knowledge management efforts now require a central position in everyday business activities.

Change has happened on different frontiers:

Technology has changed the market considerably. Data has changed the business landscape with multiple data formats and channels yielding many different information sets.
People have changed. More specifically, the way they interact has changed. Social networking has become easily and freely available.
Sharing and interaction now happens in new and exciting ways.

Successful management of company knowledge reserves means using both traditional and new knowledge management methods. It is imperative your company employs a specialist in knowledge management, a designated Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO). Such a person must be trained to stay ahead of his game, in terms of utilising a multi-faceted approach in harvesting and managing the company’s knowledge resources.

Knowledge is now created by multiple stakeholders, and its management needs to be cross-functional and externally focused, supporting the organisational strategy and the customer more directly.

The CKO needs to be able to manage data information effectively, constantly yielding new ideas for better supporting the customer and organisational strategy. He also needs to be skilled in harvesting tacit and explicit knowledge through sharing, collaboration and social networking platforms.