New Winning Teams website inside and out!

Welcome to our new Winning Teams PRO website!

To those of you that have not visited us recently, you will see a whole new website. We've been hard at working improving our online platform. What's really exciting is that there's a whole new Client Portal which has been rewritten to open up some new avenues of engagement and reporting. 

Winning Teams drives a common focus on core organisational knowledge that marries up with the organisation's strategic objectives. The focused development by Team Forward providing the expertise on building and improving these platforms is conveyed and comes alive for our client in the Client Portal. This new Portal enables us to map, track, measure and plot a new and exciting course forward which will include some new developments in online knowledge base delivery and collaboration. These are exciting times which we would love to share with you. 

Please explore the new look and feel of our website. We would love your feedback or be happy to give you a demo. 

Our key benefits

  • Create a non-threatening and motivating learning environment
  • Drive common focus on core knowledge that meet strategic business objectives
  • Deliver immediate performance feedback
  • Assess core knowledge levels and retention
  • Deliver an environment for applied knowledge
  • Build co-operation and team-work
  • Develop communication skills and individual confidence
  • Cultivate a learning culture within the organisation

Online web protal

  • Secure site login
  • User profile management
  • Programme notice board
  • Programme progress management and monitoring
  • Programme performance reporting
  • Knowledge Base measuring and mapping
  • History of previous programme results