• Drive common focus on core knowledge to meet strategic business objectives
  • Create a non-threatening, motivating learning environment
  • Cultivate a learning & development culture


  • Build co-operation and team-work
  • Deliver an environment for applied knowledge
  • Develop communication skills and individual confidence


  • Deliver immediate performance feedback
  • Assess core knowledge levels and retention
  • Map knowledge geographically and by topic on multiple levels

Large Scale Learning and Development

Winning Teams easily incorporates an entire division or company that is geographically spread across cities, provinces and countries. This allows our programme to target and focus on large numbers of people spanning sizeable areas. There is almost no limit in the number of people that can be targeted when engaging the whole organisation for 8 weeks in the competition phase of the programme. When we engage there are a few features that will be of great benefit to your organization, which include:

Socially Engaging Environment

Creates a unique learning and development environment which is:

  • Structured
  • Challenging
  • Non-threatening
  • Empowering
  • Engaging

This energises the learning and development environment and creates a milieu that is both motivating and disciplined.

Unique Learning and Development Process

Provides all participants in the programme the opportunity to develop key skills, attitudes and behaviours including:

  • Communication and language
  • Managerial development
  • Social interaction
  • Personal development

Game Methodology

Provides the tools and platform for all levels of the organization to facilitate informal learning through teaching, peer teaching, cooperative groupwork, and independent learning. This coupled with performance feedback through the knowledge retention system creates a fantastic framework for development.

Knowledge Retention System

The heart of any programme. This system provides for an excellent assessment mechanism, focusing on performance feedback to all levels of the organization. The system helps embed a key knowledge base through a repetitive learning, assessment & teaching process.

Implementation Plan

Structures a set timeline with steps and milestones, which is paramount in any large initiative.

Learning, Teaching and Evaluation Support

Dedicated team combined with learning materials, technology, training and monitoring will provide all the information and support to ensure a successful programme.

“The game was an eye opener to our ignorance as far as products are concerned. Very interesting initiative”

Knowledge Development

“It was great but a bit intimidating session since the team realised that there is a great room for learning”

Continous Learning