• Change Management & Development: Powered by Employee Engagement
    Change Management & Development: Powered by Employee Engagement

    Whether it’s the Kotter or Prosci’s approach to change management there is a fuel that powers the process of change, a fuel that is needed to grow and develop, a fuel that I believe powers every change and development initiative. Employee Engagement is this Fuel. Read more →

  • Winning Teams Celebrates 20 Years
    Winning Teams Celebrates 20 Years

    In April 2015 Winning Teams celebrated 20 years at a private function held in Sandton, Johannesburg. It was event for all that have been part of the Winning Teams stable (clients, associates and suppliers) over the many years, several being part of the family from the beginning. Read more →

  • New Winning Teams website inside and out!
    New Winning Teams website inside and out!

    Welcome to our new Winning Teams PRO website! To those of you that have not visited us recently, you will see a whole new website. We've been hard at work improving our online platform. What's really exciting is that there's a new Client Portal, which has been rewritten and reformatted to open up some new avenues of engagement and reporting. Read more →

  • Set the Stage for Success
    Set the Stage for Success

    Author of The Wealth of Knowledge, Tom Stewart boldly stated, connection not collection, was the essence of knowledge management. Managers need to constantly ask themselves how they can encourage employer-to-employee and employee-to-employee communication. Technology has pioneered new ways of fostering communication and managers shouldn’t be afraid to get off their dinosaurs and embrace new ways of communicating. Read more →

  • The Dawn of a New Age
    The Dawn of a New Age

    One could argue we have entered a ‘knowledge age’, where knowledge is more freely and abundantly available than ever before. With this dawn of a new age in marketing, managing your company’s knowledge reserves has become more important than ever before. In the past, the function of overseeing knowledge reserves was relatively side-lined, Read more →

  • Is Knowledge Management key to Business Development?

    “Too often, people think of knowledge management as a noun. They’re mistaken: KM is a verb, a way of getting work done.” Jeff Angus, KM MagazineTeam Work Knowledge is more than information or documents. It is the human ability to exercise judgment facing situations, in this instance, Read more →

  • 2013 Take Away

    Much progress was made in 2013. For us the measuring and mapping if baselines was the most interesting. It was generally an eye opener for clients to see evidence that knowledge levels in some key areas are in fact quite low, in most cases between 30% and 40%. Read more →

  • 2013 Participant Feedback

    2013 was a busy year where most of the projects undertaken were focused on knowledge bases in support of customer service and product delivery. We helped create a engaging, non-threatening learning and development environment with the tools to map, track, measure and develop people and here are a few comments from participants: “I am amazed at the level of interest generated by Winning Teams Professional. Read more →

  • Are you executing strategy with a roll of the die?
    Are you executing strategy with a roll of the die?

    In a focused discussion last week I heard someone say: “I tell you what this can show me. It will connect the executive to the frontline and show how closely they connected.” He went on to say that as companies grow they move away from strategies and workings that saw the initial successes and growth of the organization. Read more →

  • Working Together and Truly Collaborating

    I read an article a while back but needed to refer back to it again recently. The artical was ‘How Successful Virtual Teams Collaborate‘ from Harvard Business Review. The reason for me having to refer back to this article was that I was faced with implementing a Winning Teams Professional program across several countries but with limited opportunity to engage face to face. Read more →