2013 Take Away

Much progress was made in 2013. For us the measuring and mapping if baselines was the most interesting. It was generally an eye opener for clients to see evidence that knowledge levels in some key areas are in fact quite low, in most cases between 30% and 40%. It’s here that Knowledge Management starts; realising and recognising your organisation’s base knowledge strengths and weaknesses across the larger employee base. It is from here that solid Knowledge Management strategies can be built ensuring business strategies are executed and ultimately meeting the rewards of an ongoing competitive advantage.

Here are some other key performance busters experienced through Winning Teams in 2013:

  • Country wide improvement achieved: 75% in 8 weeks
  • Knowledge Base Improvements in 8 weeks:
    • Vehicle Financing Based Knowledge Base: +190% (25% to 81%)
    • International Trade Knowledge Base: +179% (28% to 76%)
    • International Money Transfer Knowledge Base: +144% (32% to 79%)

We have also learnt a lot this year and listened to our clients. The area of sharing and collaboration through line management to meet key outcomes in an organisations Knowledge Management strategy is earmarked for improvement. If there is one pertinent aspect to take into 2014, it is to measure your wider organisational knowledge base, know your core strengths and weaknesses going into 2014 and build on that.