2013 Participant Feedback

2013 was a busy year where most of the projects undertaken were focused on knowledge bases in support of customer service and product delivery. We helped create a engaging, non-threatening learning and development environment with the tools to map, track, measure and develop people and here are a few comments from participants:

“I am amazed at the level of interest generated by Winning Teams Professional. On Monday I happened to observe the driver Googling the “term prime rate”. I was rushing to visit a client but when I noticed what the driver was doing I was forced to slow down and assist him to understand the meaning of the term. Thank you Winning Teams. We are all learning and all ‘back to school’”

“The game was an eye opener to our ignorance as far as products are concerned. Very interesting initiative”

“The teams showed eagerness during playtime. Every team player contributed immensely towards the success of their respective teams. A lot of appreciation was demonstrated each time they learnt something new. The spirit is high despite low scores which is encouraging teams to do better in the next game”

“It was great but a bit intimidating session since the team realised that there is a great room for learning”

“Teams excited and seem to understand the game now though some members of the team were not really concentrating. Members are studying very hard to try to answer correctly. That is a great improvement and they are being up skilled on the products”

“Staff members have adjusted very well to the extra activity (Winning Teams) and are always enthusiastic. I have observed team members revisiting previous questions and researching the answers”

“During the different rounds I made notes to myself as to where the staff’s weak spots were. I then gave them intensive training on these areas. One of the areas was internet banking. With the training they got a better understanding of this product and when the questions were asked they knew what they were referring to”

“I am very impressed about the results. It shows commitment in learning about the products offered by the bank.”

“Really interesting and broadening our thinking for all units within the unit.”

“A lot of fun and exciting!! Great improvement for all teams. It is interesting indeed.”